The Lord is my shepherd


The 23rd  Psalm is one of the best known chapters in the whole of the Bible.A story was told of two men who entered a competition to recite this psalm. The one was a brilliant orator, a trained actor, and he recited it word perfect. When he finished the crowd applauded. The other was an old man with a speech impediment. He made a few mistakes and despite his difficulties he too managed to finish it.This time there was no applause but tears  that flowed down the faces of the crowd. The actor got back on stage and taking the mic from the old man he said ” I could say The Lord is my shepherd but this man could say The Shepherd is my Lord”

Which one are you like

Your kingdom come


This world is in such a mess and it gets worse by the day. The presidential election in America is showing the world how much we need a leader to come and sort the mess out.Jesus is coming back to this world but before that happens some bad things are going to happen. We may not know what the future holds but we can know who holds our future. Make sure what ever happens you are ready to meet God


God wants to speak to you

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God wants to spend time with us. He longs to speak with us and not just to us. When God speaks will you be able to recognise His voice ? I Samuel 3:10 The LORD came and stood there, calling as at the other times, “Samuel! Samuel!” Then Samuel said, “Speak, for your servant is listening.”

The real Church



The real Church of Jesus is not a building it is a body. We are the body of Christ , the only hands, eyes and feet He has to show His love to a dying world. The finest Church buildings will not last for ever but Jesus is building His church in the hearts and lives of all those who trust Him.Make sure you are part of the real Church and not just someone who attends one.How can you be part if the real Church ? invite Jesus into your life today.

Lay up treasure in heaven

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Jesus warned us about laying up treasure on earth and encouraged us to lay up treasure in heaven. The millionaire died and many people attended his funeral. Someone asked ” how much money did he leave ? the answer they received was ” everything “.  We cannot take it with us so let us make sure we use what we own and that it doesn’t own us.Give something to someone today and discover the blessing of being a blessing.Let your light shine in someone else’s darkness.