Why is honesty the best policy.?
Why do we hide our true feelings under a false exterior?
How honest are we with ourselves and our inner feelings?
Do we really deal with the root issues or do we cover up our inner feelings?
What stops us from being open and honest with one another?
What can honesty achieve? Can it really help resolve conflict?




There is a man in the bible called JOB. God said that there was not a better person in the whole world than Job. But in one day he all his children die, he looses all his wealth and everyone turns against him.His so called friends were criticising him , lying about him, condemning him
Who could he turn to ?    Job said in chapter 16 : 19 ” my advocate is on high ”
We need to realise that God is in control.
What ever you are going through today when you put your trust in Jesus you have an advocate in heaven.



Do you ever feel that life is not fair ? Does it seem that good things happen to bad people and that bad things happen to good people ? Where is the justice in that ? If we all got what we deserve then we would all be in trouble. All have sinned and the wages of sin is death. But God has shown His love to us in sending His son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins.One day we all have to stand before God and on that day there will be justicejustice

Follow the leader

Have you ever  played as a child follow the leader ? One person decides and everyone follows .Who are you following?
How do you know if you are in need of guidance?
How can you learn to hear God’s voice? How do you know who you should follow?

As workers or followers how should we go about our work?



Who is your protector?What kind of insurance policy do you have to protect you against fire and theft ? Do you pray for protection every time you get in a car or travel on a bus ? How does God protect us?
What do we need to protect?
How can we protect ourselves?