What is the greatest gift you have ever received

The answer may depend on who gave it to us or how much it is worth. There is joy in receiving gifts but even more in giving them to others. The greatest gift anyone of us possesses is the gift of life.
We need to value the gift because of WHO gave it to us and we need to use the gift to it’s maximum potential. Nothing is worse than someone who is ungrateful for the gift they receive.


What is the greatest announcement you have ever heard ?

good-newsWe all can remember when we heard certain things such as: the announcement of a wedding, a birth or the passing away of a loved one. These announcements are very special that we celebrate them or commemorate them every year.
The message of Christmas is a wonderful announcement. God is with us was the announcement of the angels. The good news is that He still is and that’s a great announcement to celebrate.

Have you ever made a wish

A wish is a hope for something that is not easily attainable. The song says if you don’t have a dream then how are your dreams going to come true. Christmas time is a season when many children have wishes for things they do not yet have. They write letters, which are full of things they wish for. Some will be disappointed as not all wishes come true.
When you put your hope in God there is nothing that is impossible and no disappointments.


Hindrances in life

We all have to overcome obstacles in life if we are to achieve our potential. For some they are physical, for others emotional and financial and for many they are spiritual. What is stopping you from being the person God made you to be? The good news is that you don’t have to do it all on your own.


World focus on slavery day

Slavery was officially abolished in the British Empire in 1833. Today there are different types of slavery. Anyone who is controlled by something is actually living in slavery.It is hard to believe that there are millions of people today who are living as slaves and many of them are children.Addictions of whatever form control so many today. What are you a slave to? Jesus came to set you completely free.

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