The power of God

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How amazing is the power of God. He spoke and there was light. By the power of His word the world we live in was created.He holds it all together by His mighty power. He put the sun moon and stars in the sky and calls all the stars by name.The only planet where we know lives exists is earth. Jesus came to earth , God loves the world, we are blessed to be in the centre of all that God has made. Today you can know you are in the centre of the plan God has for your life.

Greater Force


We all face unfair situations, things that seem like they’re going to bury us. The enemy may hit you with his best shot, but his best will never be enough. The forces that are for you are greater than the forces that are against you! Rise up in faith and step out in boldness.



In the book of Genesis, we see that God established a system of sowing and reaping in the earth. When we are faithful with what God has placed in our hands, we position ourselves for increase. Many people pray, “God bless me!” But God is saying, “Are you being faithful with what I have given you?” When we are faithful with the little, God will make us ruler over much.

Do your best

Do your best

The key to living a happy, fulfilling, satisfied life, is really very simple. Just be the person God made you to be, and have the courage to do what God called you to do. He has a unique and individual plan for your life, and the way to becoming a champion for God is to discover that plan and follow it wherever it may lead.